How to Verify EPFO Claim Status Online

By | December 12, 2017

If you have applied for the EPF withdrawal and you don’t know about how much process is completed still, you can check it online through this article. Here we are going to show you the complete method of how to verify your EPFO claim statu online. You must be eager to know how it works, have patience. We will show you the one by one step for your convenience. This will lead you to the final path of showing your EPF balance status online within a couple of minutes. So lets have a look at the complete procedure now.

Get EPFO Claim Status Online
The most important thing you needed for this is your PF account no. It is the proof that you have applied for the PF withdrawal. The EPFO Claim status will help you in showing how far the process is completed and what are the actions taken by the EPFO regarding to your request.
First of all enter into the EPFO site.
Now choose the state and region from the drop down list.
Here you will be given option to search your establishment code, search it and type in the establishment code section.
Now type your PF account no in the required boxes.
Fill the extension code if you know it, otherwise leave the box blank.
Now click on submit button.
Your PF withdrawal or EPFO claim status will reflect on screen at EPFO UAN member login portal.
It will also guide you if any document or data remained to submit in the form. And if your submission is accepted, it will show how much time it will take to withdraw your money. Also you can check and track your HDFC credit card status online. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to check your withdrawal status of EPF without hassle.
If you want to go manually you can ask and request for the status of EPFO claim through EPF helpline no. You can get regional EPFO customer care no through EPFO site. You can call on this no and ask for the PF withdrawal status online. But we think online facility is the most trusted and sure way to get your claim status immediately without any hurdle.

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