Pay TDS Challan Online: Trace 280 Challan Status Online

By | February 11, 2017

You must be aware of paying taxes offline. But if you are looking for the way of how to pay TDS online, you are at the right place. Without worries you can pay direct taxes online through TDS challan online. This challan is the form which you need to download and pay the taxes via this. You can pay your return online through authorized bank. Once you deposit your amount through credit card or net banking facility you will get one receipt number and that is your Challan Identification Number. This challan serial number will help you in showing that your amount is registered in your name. With the help of this challan you are able to report the queries if any kind of bankruptcy occurs in paying taxes. Please follow the below mentioned steps to check the TDS Challan Status online.

Steps to check TDS Challan Status Online
• TDS challan analysis is done through visiting the challan status official link.
• Please write
• Once you type this page and click on enter button you will see one page will open.
• Here there are two options to verify TDS challan.
• One is through CIN number and second is through TAN (Tax Assessment Number)
• If CIN number is with you, go for the CIN option.
• Here you need to type some important details.
• Type BSR Code of the bank.
• Challan tender date
• Challan Serial No
• You can mention or avoid the deposited amount option.
• And now enter the captcha code displaying on the screen
• At the end clicks on “View” button.
• Your Challan status is on your computer screen.

You will be acknowledged that your amount is deposited in the bank and amount is registered on your name. This is how one can trace 280, 281, 280 challan status online. If any error occurs or you find that amount is not deposited to your name, you can visit to authorize bank to solve the query.
E-Challan is the easiest way to pay taxes online. It gives you the receipt which is registered in the tin-nsdl website. You can also check the yearly tax returns and balance through tin-nsdl portal.

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