Knowing your internet Wi-Fi devices

By | December 3, 2016

internet Wi-Fi devices

Are you suffering from ‘DEAD ZONES’..? Is the slow internet connection forcing you to bang your Internet provider, accusing him for giving poor internet connection? The solution for resolving your connectivity problem is to replacing your Wi-Fi connection with Wi-Fi extenders, boosters and repeaters. These latest devices help to engage yourself with your online buds without missing your favorite online shows.

The three Wi-Fi devices are named differently but perform the same duty of improving your internet network and its range. The devices offer you to choose your device according to your convenience and necessity. The article will help you to understand the difference between the three devices and help you choose the right devices which will provide you with the best internet coverage and tuning to ‘Fun Zone’.

Wi-Fi Extenders
The Wi-Fi extender is also known as range expander. The simple wireless device consisting of two antennas are connected to the nearby circuit board to get better accessibility. The extender connects wirelessly to the router, picks it and retransmits the signal. The extender works like recycling the weak signal into a strong one. The extender is placed in the range of existing Wi-Fi connection to the client device. The extender ‘extends’ the prevailing internet connection and transforms it to a new network. Read more from

Wi-Fi Booster
The standard booster is a flat wireless device with an antenna standing tall which delivers maximum network connection. The work of the booster is to amplify the Wi-Fi signal which is broadcasted from the router. The booster simply boosts your internet so that it is applicable in every corner irrespective of the architectural structure of the house or office. Mostly, houses with floors or huge rooms, Wi-Fi becomes unavailable, which forces you to sit beside your Wi-Fi to access internet. Before buying a booster, take a note that it is obtained as directional and Omni directional booster. Directional booster extends signal in just one direction while the Omni directional booster extends signal in 360 degrees respectively. Choose your booster keeping in mind your requirement so that you don’t play hide and seek with your Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Repeater
The repeater connects itself with the existing Wi-Fi connection and broadcasts a new signal which can be extended to the most remote places which may include your garden, verandah or even your store room. The Wi-Fi repeater is found in various styles in the market. One is expensive and appears as a router in shape and size and retaining its promise to give the best Wi-Fi signal. The other type is less expensive and has poor internet connection.
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